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Jan. 2nd, 2014

Books 2014

I just wrote a long ramble to rosaleeluann about the books I read last year and I can't remember half of them, so...

Books I have read this year, a masterlist:

JanuaryCollapse )

Dec. 11th, 2011

Christmas cards!

Just wanted to check if anybody else wanted a Christmas/holiday card (if you do, comment here with your name and address and what kind of card) and also if I am going to see you over the holidays and you are happy for me to give it to you instead of posting (Isi, Boo...)

I am feeling very Christmassy today! This time next week I will be at home and it will be my birthday! EXCITE!

I've done as much Christmas shopping as I can do in America - I don't know where to get some other presents, and also I put all gifts I've bought so far in my suitcase and it was 10kg. Oops!

Looking forward very much to going home on Friday. :)

Nov. 20th, 2011

smile pink

(no subject)

I've been inspired this year to attempt to send people Christmas/seasonal cards. So, if you would like one, please comment with your name and address. I think I've screened comments, I've never done it before so tell me if I haven't!

I had a very strange accidental meeting with my boss today. He's usually quite... distracted, I think is the right word, at work, and often frowns at me when I'm talking to him, I think because he's concentrating, hopefully not because he doesn't like me! I was in the city library today trying to work out how to put books on hold (happily I discovered the system is the same as my library at home), and I heard him say 'Rachel?'

Rachel is not my name, it's the name of the person who worked in the lab last year, and I've been working here for nearly three months now! And embarassingly, I still turned around when he said 'Rachel'.

Anyway, I told him I was there because I like books and I only brought five with me, and he started asking me what kind of books I liked (he'd never heard of Game of Thrones or Terry Pratchett - I was putting those books on hold - I was quite surprised.) and then his wife (who also works in our lab, but I haven't really talked to her till this last week when she's been showing me weaning and ear clipping and things) rang, and he started asking her for books to bring in! I have a feeling I will be presented with a pile of books tomorrow.

I did get quite a few books out from the library, though - Paladin of Souls, the sequel to Curse of Chalion, and the Sharing Knife trilogy (?) by Lois McMaster Bujold. And Cart and Cwidder and the second in that series by DWJ.

I then went and got very confused by the roads and ended up at the wrong Target, but it turned out to be all for the good because I wanted to buy some coloured card/paper to make Christmas cards, and I found this book of gorgeous paper with different patterns in a 99c section, so I got all excited and I got to the till and it turned out to be $8, and somebody had put it in the wrong place. But the lovely guy on the till let me have it for 99c since I'd been confused. :D

Nov. 11th, 2011

smile pink

(no subject)

I don't really know what I've been doing, just a lot of things, and I was kind of ill the last few weeks, sleeping about 14 hours a night.

I did run a 5k race at the beginning of October.  I have no idea how or why, but I came 314th!  Out of the women!  My flatemate did well, coming first in his age category.  He says he's never run long distance before, but he's been doing 5ks nearly every week since and improving his PB every time.

I passed my Tennessee driving test.  Which has made me more worried about driving, now I know the sort of level drivers have to be at before they're allowed a licence.  They have to be able to reverse out of a parking space, turn left, turn right, turn right, turn right and park.  And know the laws of what happens to them if they drink drive.  I told my examiner (we were chatting away during the test, especially after I handed him my UK licence instead of a permit, and he realised I'd driven half an hour by myself to get to my test) about English tests and the hazards test and the manouevres, and he was shocked!

I went camping!  It felt like Deliverance county, remote woods surrounded by remote cornfields, but it was gorgeous and just the right weather and really fun. 

 I dressed up as an octopus for Hallowe'en.  I was Pearl from Finding Nemo  
I think I made it too big...

I went to Vegas last weekend! Which was absolutely amazing.  Tim already booked it with his friends before I even thought about coming out here, but then one of them dropped out so it was just the two of them and they said I should come for the weekend - they were here for six nights - and I was assured that I wasn't crashing a lad's weekend with my being 20ness and my femaleness so I booked my flights and went!  We did all the touristy stuff that doesn't require being 21 - the second I landed at 10pm on Friday I was told that we had to go straight to bed.  Not because I hadn't seen my boyfriend in 2 months, but because we had to get up 5:30 to fly to the Grand Canyon!  So that was surprising.  The Grand Canyon was amazing and gorgeous and really really big.  That may be surprising but it's huge!  Also there are no safety rails or anything, at least not at the bit that we went to, so it's up to you not to go too close to the edge and the 4000 ft vertical drop.  I'm impressed my parents thought it was sensible to take a 7 year old.  Also, it was snowing at the Grand Canyon, which was kind of unexpected.  The pilot said it only happens a few times a year.  It did make everything look very pretty though. 

After the Grand Canyon we went back to our hotel and napped.  At least, that's what we told Tim's friend, who we were sharing a room with, that we were going to do.  He politely went and had lunch.  For two hours.  ^_^

In the evening we went to see the Blue Man Group, who I think are kind of famous in the US - at least, everyone at work who I've mentioned them to has seen them on the TV or YouTube or something.  They're basically three men with blue faces and hands and staring eyes who are very bizarre and have a show based around drumming and discovering things and really cool effects.  And doing really random things, like eating a Twinkie.  It was hilarious.  Go see it if you can.  Also, if you are ever in Vegas and have the funds (Tim got a special deal though his work), you have to stay at the Venetian.  It was amazing.  It has a replica of St Mark's Square, with a really confusing roof (as I imagine the roof of the Great Hall at Hogwart's must be) because it's painted to look like the sky, and it's incredibly realistic.  It was so confusing.  Also, the pools were so so nice.  It was like 14 degrees on Sunday, but they were heated and it was sunny and they were designed to look like Italian fountains. 

On Sunday night we went and looked down the Strip at night, and watched the fountains outside the Bellagio (the one in Ocean's Eleven) both from the front and from above, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  We also watched Treasure Island, which is kind of weird and packed full of innuendo*, slightly unexpected for what I'd thought was a family show.  Also, I got to gamble!  A tiny bit.  Timmy was scared we'd get thrown out, but I figured that they didn't care about the people sitting down putting money in the machines, it's when you try to get money out of the casinos that they ID you.  Which I think turned out to be true.  I didn't win any money so we didn't need to test my theory.  I put $2 in a slot machine and won $6, then lost it all.  Pulling that lever is pretty addictive.  Tim was $500 up by the end of the weekend, so yay for him :D

I'm learning lots of things at work, too.  I spent last week dissecting livers and spleens, which ended up with me dreaming about them one night.  Not fun.  This week was better because I spent it doing behavioural things, so it was just moving mice around into machines.  We have one were we measure their general movements, so I just put them in a cage with sensors to measure their movements.  The other one is to measure their balances and reflexes, I think, and we put them on a rotating rod that spins faster and faster until they fall off (or until some poo falls off and stops the experiment, so we have to start again ¬_¬).  These experiments are pretty relaxing for me, because you can't talk or leave the pressurised room as it might upset the data.  But while I was sittin gin there I made a list of things I miss from my home and the UK while I'm here in Memphis (these are specific to me, I'm sure some can be found elsewhere in the UK - I didn't even realise I missed one till I went to Vegas):

Duvets (I just have a silly coverlet thing)
My family
My friends
Being in the same time zone as my friends and family
Walking to uni on a nice day
Always having something to do at the weekends and evenings
Public transport
The BBC (no adverts!!!)
My Lumie lamp actually working properly with proper voltage
Tax already included
Not having to tip every damn thing and so much
The High Street
Knowing where to go to buy things
Knowing what clothes, shoe and bra size I am
Recognising cultural references
Books (going to track down the library tomorrow, so this may be solved)**
The phrase ''Hey, how you doin'?'' - I don't know how you're supposed to answer this!
People who know who Stephen Fry is
Not getting a blank stare when I ask for lettuce and tomato in my sandwich
Crusty French bread (dipped in olive oil and balsamic, mmm...)
Chocolate and Newspaper Tuesday at my uni

I don't know whether this seems negative, so here are a few things I came up with that I do like:

Having a car
Having a 10 minute commute (door to door, from my apartment complex to the edge of the hospital campus, it's about 45 seconds)
No evening work
Doubke bed
American TV in real time (Glee, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Community)
Having money
Cheap food

Also.  Uk flist!  I'm trying to plan my Christmas holidays - I'm home for two weeks between my birthday and New Year's, basically.  Would anybody like to meet up?  Fishskating?

And US flist!  Would any of you like to try and arrange to meet over here?  Probably next year!

**Although, I did get round to reading Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and Girl who Played with Fire, left by previous Bath Students.  They're so so so good!  I need the next one!

Aug. 4th, 2011

(no subject)

M y lovely marmfish have helped me to register on Pottermore, because it didn't work the first time (either it hates me or somebody typed my email address wrong). But I can't choose a username!
Poll #1767122 undefined

Who should I be on Pottermore?


May. 18th, 2011

Writer's Block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

I used to collect little pig models, but I've kind of expanded it to little animal models recently.

Weirdly, I started collecting when I was 7 or 8, and I didn't get the name PigRescuer (a quote from the show Green Wing) until I was 15. The collecting and the name were completely unrelated!

I started out with a little wooden pig my sister brought me from a Guide trip to Switzerland. Then I found a couple of china pigs in my loft when clearing out one spring. I bought a Happy Pig at Hever Castle on a school trip in year 8, and my friend brought me one made from shells from Cornwall.

In the last few years I've bought a tiny series of Matroshka dolls from Moscow (the smallest one is about 2mm across), a glass bunny and a glass frog with a crown (which reminded me of Gen's ''Eddisian formalweer with gold frogs on the front'') from PRague, a stone elephant from Cairo and a Scarab from the Red Sea.

Oct. 22nd, 2010

This is in no way a procrastination post

Hello f-list! I thought I would post to tell you all that university has not killed me yet. I have an exam on Monday - very unfair, an exam three weeks into term - and I am busy revising for that. It's quite interesting, DNA and cancer biology, but it's entirely self study and it is taking up a lot of time!

Also my boyfriend is coming to visit this weekend - very bad timing, but he booked the train tickets before I came back and found out about the unexpected exam. I was a bit upset earlier this week - not getting on well with my housemates and everything - and he decided to tell me he's taking me to have a treat on Saturday.. which was a very clever distraction technique, because I've spent the rest of the week trying to guess what it is. My first thought was a hot air balloon ride, but I think not because:

a) it was only in my mind because I was watching them fly over (they come over from Bristol most weeks) last weekend,
b) I'm not sure he knows about them,
c) He seemed unfazed when I said it's going to rain heavily tomorrow (the beginning of normal autumn weather - up until now it's been so dry I can actually kick up massive piles of leaves, like in American TV shows, as opposed to carefully trying not to slip on the slippery piles of death everywhere)
d) He's scared of heights. (d'aww)

My second guess is the Bath Spa (the modern one, not the Roman one, you're not allowed to go in that one). Especially because he said he knows exactly what I will wear and he will pack my bag for me when I asked if I needed anything*

Apart from the exciting treat, being back at uni hasn't been too bad. My flatmates are quite annoying, especially one, but she's moving out after Christmas to go on placement (and I might move into her (larger) room that has a double bed), and anyway I'm spending most of my day on campus anyway - I have three 17:15 lectures this semester, as well as a 18:15 some weeks... and on Fridays, when I finish at one, it's Happy Hour from 4. I am not looking forward to my 8:15 lectures next week and the week after. 8:15! That's, like, nightime!

Also, here is my September Colour Meme, quite late:

September: Colour Me OrangeCollapse )

I am finding hanelissar's suggestion of white for October pretty hard, but I'm managing. Any suggestions for November?

*I've hidden my swimsuit, just to see what happens when he tries.

Oct. 1st, 2010

smile pink

(no subject)

Hello f-list!

I am all moved in to my tiny tiny room in a converted chapel in Bath, which I took photos of but can't find my camera cable to upload them. I'm slowly unpacking but it's a hard job because my room is so small. At the moment I have a hanger on wheels on the landing outside my door for coats and dresses and things.

Also, f-list, I need more advice! Not scary life decision advice this time, though.

See, I'm the Social Secretary for my Archery Club, which means I organise all the socials from last Easter to this. I have some ideas, but for the first social of the year, with all the new fresher members, I need to come up with a really good but simple theme! Preferably archery based*, although that's proving difficult.

To give you an example, these are the archery socials we had last year (last year's Social Sec was a bit rubbish and didn't organise much, which is another reason why I need a killer first social!):

1. Archery target colours
2. Sky (as part of a Lethal Weapons social, the other leathal weapons clubs dressed up as sea and earth and fire)
3. Where's Wally? (one member of the committee hid in a pub in town, everyone else had to find him in teams)
4. Spring social

I can't think of anything!! Please help!

*and yes, of course I've thought of Robin Hood

Sep. 17th, 2010

Egypt = Amazing

I still miss it! Although I am happy to be able to drink tap water, and not to have to smother on facter 50 every time I go outside, how can you come home to rainy cold September England and not miss the warmth* and the sun and the wide blue skies!

Also. The Pyramids are big. Like, really big.

I'm going to do a proper post on Egypt as soon as I get my photos from Tim (he has a new camera, and I hi-jacked it a lot, so he has most of the photos). First I want to do the photo meme I was supposed to do before I went away ^_^

*45C in the shade. At 4pm.

August: Colour Me Red (picture heavy)Collapse )

If anybody wants to give me a colour for October, go ahead. :)
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Jul. 30th, 2010


(no subject)

Wow, I cannot believe I haven’t posted since March. That is quite bad.

So, what’ve I been up to?

Um…. I finished my exams and my first year of uni at the beginning of June, getting a 72% in my exams which made me happy because if I get over 60% I can be put forward to go abroad for my third year! Maybe I can come and see some of you. Or you can come see me! North America, Australia, Central Europe…

In June I was busy with a job at a local school, learning what it would be like to be a teacher and taking part in school activities – I got to go on a school trip and go on the Concorde!* Also I went on the Sultan of Oman’s old gold plated private jet and an F1 simulator. I have realised that talking to large group children is a lot more scary than talking to a large group of their parents because children actually listen to the words that you say. Also tearoha came to visit in her last few days of England, and we wandered around London and had a Snog in Covent Garden and watched men in pink hotpants. Oh, and she took me to see Legally Blonde!

In July I went to Jersey to visit a friend from uni there, which was so fun. Jersey is a very confusing place – it’s not part of the UK, as some people may think, and it’s not even part of the European Union – it’s a ‘Crown Peculiar’ and has a ‘special relationship with the EU’ ^_^

Pretty Pictures of JerseyCollapse )

Also I went to London Pride, as well as a pre-pride party (which you got into for free if you were gay, so I see no reason why people would attempt to say they were straight, and seemed to be full of men). Pride was hilarious with lots of wonderfully dressed people and it made me so happy to see all the people that support LGBT rights. Even people who you would not expect to see in the crowd were stopping to watch.

Last week I went to the London Film and Comic Con and saw a number of people, although I was only allowed a picture OF Aiden Turner (Being Human, Desperate Romantics), not WITH him.-

Aidan Turner laughing at the silly rulesCollapse )

Me and Neville LongbottomCollapse )

I also spoke to Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate) and waved at Kenny Baker (R2D2).

The rest of the time I have been attempting to get jobs, I worked a bit at Epsom Downs and got paid to watch James Morrisson and JLS performing :D This week hanelissar came to visit and we had another Snog and made Brown Velvet cupcakes because we didn't have any food dye to make Red Velvet. This morning I got woken up by a phone call at 8:50 asking if I could come in and fill in for somebody at another job, and if I could be there by ten. a for monies!

For the rest of the summer I have a proper job, and I'm going to Egypt in September which I am very very excited about.

Ask me a question! Tell me what you've been up to!

*I didn't take off. Just sat in the comfy seats and in the cockpit and flicked a few switches

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